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Stacking chairs

Stacking chairs from in a professional quality

Stacking chairs are made for stacking and storing so they can be in place in no time for the next event, which can be a dinner party, barbecue, or professional event. We offer a wide selection of high quality, elegant and durable stacking chairs made of strong, maintenance free materials, which you can use indoor and outdoor as you please. Our stacking chairs are made and produced for use at all kinds of events and parties, but they are also perfect for everyday use at private homes and in cafes and hotels. Because the chairs are so easy to stack, they are easy to store, transport and will only take up a little room during storage. The chairs are made of lightweight materials, but at the same time surprisingly sturdy and comfortable. We recommend that you store a stack of these lightweight and elegant stacking chairs from, so you always can be sure to have chairs for all your guests.

Stacking chairs in a modern design

Our stacking chairs are made of sturdy, lightweight materials and can be used for all sorts of events. You can have the chairs in classic designs or maybe you prefer a more modern design. No matter what you prefer, we offer you chairs in both styles. Because of the many different designs and the great sitting comfort, the stacking chairs are a popular choice for parties, events, celebrations and more around Europe and beyond. You can have the stacking chairs in a variety of different colours, materials, and designs. Note especially our elegant selection of Italian-designed chairs, which will look beautiful anywhere. Choose the more conventional designs in calm and neutral colours – or choose a more flamboyant style with our bright red chairs.

Elegant stacking chairs for professionals and private customers

Most of our stacking chairs are in such a sturdy quality that you can use them professionally in hotels, restaurants, and cafés. We have made sure to select and produce stacking chairs in this high quality, so you can have strong and durable chairs for many purposes. As an extra plus, the chairs are maintenance free so you can enjoy them for many years without having to spend time maintaining anything. You simply wash the stacking chairs with a cloth with warm water and soap from time to time. Many of our private customers prefer these elegant, lightweight, and stackable chairs and use them for parties and for everyday use in the dining room, family room, or on the patio.