Safety packs

Safety packs for securing your marquee

Safety Packs from by contains storm straps and storm pegs for securing your marquee and more. Use the sturdy straps and pegs for fastening your marquee, party tents and storage tents. Our marquees are available in many different sizes, and you can select a marquee suitable for the number of people you want to invite. A marquee is an obvious choice when you need extra room for celebrating or arranging an event – as a private customer or professionally. With our well-proven marquees, you can assemble your marquee in no time and have an elegant shelter with plenty of room for your party. A quality marquee provides shelter against the rain, the sun and even cold weather – the latter will require a heater or two inside the marquee.

It is important to think about safety when it comes to marquees. Our Safety Packs provide you with sturdy storm straps and ground pegs, which will secure your marquee and more. Please read our Safety Advice, where we recommend that you always secure your marquee – even when the weather forecast looks fine. Having secured your marquee with a Safety Pack from by, you can rest assured, sleep well at night and enjoy the celebration inside the marquee – even if the weather is acting up a bit.

Safety packs let you sleep well at night

A marquee should primarily be used in fine and calm weather – as such; you should never erect a marquee in bad weather. Even if the weather looks fine, we recommend that you secure your marquee with a Safety Pack containing storm straps and ground pegs. Having secured your marquee with one of our Safety Packs, you do not have to worry about the weather unless a storm is on its way. A marquee is a heavy, stable and secure structure, but even so, it may lift or turn over in case of too much wind. If that happens, people can get hurt, and things may be broken. If you have not secured your marquee with straps and pegs, your insurance company may not cover the possible damages. Make sure you strap down your marquee every time you put it up – for you to enjoy the party without any accidents.