Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting for ambience and orientation

Outdoor lighting from Partytent.com offers a great variety of lighting for outdoor use, which will make your every day bright and shiny. You can have fairy lights in numerous designs, rope lights in various colours, flowerpots with light, and LED cubes and much more. All of this will make your outdoor area look amazing and create a unique ambience on your patio, inside a marquee or in a gazebo. You can have rechargeable lighting, so you need not worry about outlets or cords when you want to decorate your garden or your marquee for an important event.

Outdoor fairy lights for all year round

Outdoor lighting covers the entire year. We love light during winter and especially Christmas. During summer lighting will look amazing outdoor on the patio, hanging from your parasols or trees – and you can even bring it to the beach or picnic or simply decorate your entrance and driveway. With outdoor lighting at your house, your home will look beautiful, and your pathways will be lit when it is getting dark in the evening. Our outdoor lighting also works perfectly at professional events where our LED cubes and balls will create positive attention at fairs and markets.