FleXtents Marquees

FleXtents® Marquees comes in an abundance of designs

FleXtents® marquees are available in a surprisingly large number of designs. FleXtents® PRO and Xtreme are probably the pop up folding tents best suited as marquees. You can easily make the light and elegant pop up folding tents extremely romantic just by adding details like specially designed frills or the unique FleXtents® curtains. FleXtents® pop up folding tents are perfect as gazebos if you do not mount the sidewalls – or use them as a shade over the buffet, a bar or for storage during a party or event. The elegant pop up folding tents can be used as marquees as well and will be an amazing setting for most parties. Another advantage with the innovative FleXtents® is that they can be pitched in a surprisingly short time – the smaller tents in just a few minutes - the larger ones take a little longer.

FleXtents® Marquees in many different designs and sizes

FleXtents® are all built around a standard module measuring 3x3 m, but you can have FleXtents© up to 4x8 m or 6x6 m. You can even put two or more folding tents together building exactly the size of tent you want. You can also have FleXtents® in numerous variants and feel free to select from many colours, designs, and use them with or without sidewalls. We can deliver your FleXtents® Marquees with full digital print so you can greet your guests with a marquee decorated with a photo of the bride and groom, a beautiful holiday photo or something completely different to create the perfect look and feel for most events. A product photo will also create positive attention when you use your FleXtents® marquee at a professional event like fairs and markets. If you want to assemble two or more FleXtents® PRO or Xtreme Marquees, we offer connectors specially developed to assemble these tents properly. The connectors secure the assembly and make it possible for you to change the size of your marquee depending on the occasion and number of guests. Use the elegant FleXtents® Marquees for private parties and professional events.

FleXtents® Marquees in sturdy, professional quality

We offer FleXtents® Marquees in a professional quality in the series PRO and Xtreme. These durable marquees will last you many parties and other kinds of events. FleXtents® Marquees are extremely easy to pitch, dismount, transport and store in the enclosed transportation bag. Do you prefer not to arrange the party in a FleXtents® marquee, you can use your FleXtents® as a shelter – in connection with a party or most other contexts. Please note that FleXtents® also is available for several more affordable designs. These FleXtents® is not of professional quality, but they will work perfectly providing shelter from the sun and the wind at parties and other kinds of events.

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