BBQ grills & Fire Bowls

BBQ grill and fire bowls for the big event by is among the leading suppliers of party and event equipment in Europe. We offer a huge selection of elegant marquees, gazebos, folding tables, and folding chairs, and other party accessories. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of party supplies and disposable tableware as well as a wide range of high-quality products for the garden and patio like our popular and elegant lounge furniture in exclusive poly rattan, dining sets, parasols, and garden storage boxes. Add to this our large party barbecue charcoal grill made for festive events with many guests as well as our series of high-quality fire bowls from our brand CosyLifeStyle® by

Fire bowls in sturdy black steel create ambience

The elegant fire bowls from by include a range of black, sturdy fire bowls as well as a series of accessories like lid and mesh screens. The rustic fire bowls from CosyLifeStyle® made of black steel are maintenance free and perfect for creating a nice ambience in your garden or on the patio. The fire bowls are made for regular logs of wood, and they will provide a nice and safe bonfire. When the fire is slowly dying, one can simply choose to enjoy the afterglow or use the embers in the fire bowl to make twist bread, popcorns or roasting marshmallows.

Smoker for making the most exquisite food

Furthermore, we offer you nice high-quality smoker with built-in air intake and thermometer as a guarantee for a perfect result every time. The smoker is made for wood chips, which will provide your food with the most exquisite smoked taste. You can smoke meat, fish, cheese, or something else. The sky is the limit when it comes to what to smoke inside your amazing smoker from our European supplier.