CombiTents® marquees may very well be the most flexible marquees on the market

CombiTents® marquees from has been developed based on many years of experience with marquees. Our extensive and innovative product development has resulted in the unique CombiTents® marquees, which are divided into sections as the only marquee on the market. The sections make the Combitents® extremely flexible and make it possible to provide you with no less than 5 marquees in 1. This flexibility means that you always will have a marquee, which is adaptable to the number of people you invite. You simply assemble the number of sections you need for any given event – easy and quite brilliant.

CombiTents® marquees for all your upcoming parties big or small

With a traditional marquee, you have the given room no matter what – and often the tent will be either too small or too big for the occasion. Having the flexible CombiTents® marquee, you can invite the number of guests you like – you simply adjust your marquee to fit the number of guests. Choosing a CombiTents® marquee is a smart choice, as you will have a sturdy and flexible marquee for all your events for many years. A CombiTents® marquee is an obvious solution for almost any occasion - a christening, a wedding, an important anniversary, and much more. Are you in the market for a marquee for an upcoming event? With a CombiTents® marquee you will have extra room for years to come no matter what you are going to celebrate. Furthermore, the elegant CombiTents® is suitable for a private party as well as a professional event. The extensive flexibility of this elegant marquee makes it much easier to choose your new marquee if you are going to buy a high-quality marquee that will last you a long time.

CombiTents® marquees filled with smart features

The CombiTents® marquees are extremely flexible and can be used for numerous events – big or small. The flexibility of the CombiTents® marquees is due to various smart features such as the innovative roof. As the marquee is divided into sections, it is extremely important to keep the assembly of the roof cover as tight and waterproof as other marquees – this takes the very special roof construction that we have developed. is proud to present our Triple Velcro Closure System, which our creative and skilled design team have developed. The unique system with strong PVC cover and strips of Velcro ensures that the Combitents® marquees are 100% waterproof no matter which size of the flexible marquee you prefer. All the CombiTents® have a strong and durable galvanised steel frame. Finally, the marquees in this series are equipped with Double Velcro Windstop at doors and joints for ultimate protection against draft inside the marquee.

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