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FleXtents Marquees

FleXtents® Marquees are available in many different designs

FleXtents® marquees are available in a great number of different designs. Our FleXtents® PRO and Xtreme series are some of the most obvious pop-up gazeboes to use as marquees for a party or similar event. It is easy to make one of the light and elegant pop-up gazebos into an extremely romantic setting by adding details like elegant frills or the unique FleXtents® curtains. FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are the leading gazebo brand on the market and will be a perfect pavilion if you use it with only the roof cover on and not the sidewalls. You can use the pavilion as a shade over a buffet, bar or for the band if the sun is shining. You can also use the gazebo in the evening with various LED lighting. Use the elegant pop-up gazebos as marquees as they will make up an amazing setting for most parties. Furthermore, you can pitch the innovative FleXtents® in a surprisingly short time – the smaller tents in just 60 seconds – the larger gazebos require a little more time!

FleXtents® Marquees in just the size and design you need

All the FleXtents® marquees are constructed around a basic module measuring 3x3 m, but you can also have FleXtents© measuring up to 4x8 m or 6x6 m. Do you need a larger marquee or gazebo? Put two or more marquees together and make the size of tent you need. You can have FleXtents® in numerous variants and can select from an abundance of colours and designs – and use them with or without sidewalls. We offer to deliver a unique FleXtents® Marquee with full digital print. With a printed gazebo, you can greet your guests with a tent decorated with your graphics. You can have a beautiful photo of the bride and groom, a beautiful holiday photo or something completely different to create the perfect look for many different events. Use a pack shot on your FleXtents® marquee to create positive attention at professional events like fairs and markets. When you need to assemble two or more FleXtents® PRO or Xtreme Marquees, we offer connectors, rain gutter, and infill joint panels to perfect sealing of the two structures. This connecting equipment secures the perfect assembly and makes it possible for you to expand the size of your marquee so it can fit any occasion and number of guests. We recommend that you choose our elegant FleXtents® Marquees for private parties and professional events.

FleXtents® Marquees in a strong, durable quality

Our FleXtents® Marquees come in professional quality – look for the series PRO and Xtreme. You can enjoy our strong and durable marquees at many parties and other kinds of events. FleXtents® Marquees are extremely easy to pitch, dismount, transport and store. For some of the gazebos a transport bag is included – for others you have to order the sturdy bag together with the gazebo at When you decide to arrange a party in a FleXtents® marquee, you can use a smaller FleXtents® nearby as a shelter for food, a bar or similar. Please note that the FleXtents® gazebos are available in many other more affordable designs for less frequent use. These more affordable FleXtents® is not in professional quality, but they will work perfectly providing shelter from the elements.