Bistro Sets

Bistro sets and elegant furniture for cafes and restaurants offers a large selection of high-quality bistro sets and bistro furniture aimed at professional owners of bistros, cafes and restaurants. You can select between a wide range of modern bistro furniture such as tables and chairs suitable for everyday use or more occasional use like e.g. parties and events. You can have poly rattan chairs with armrests, non-wood tables with extension, stackable chairs in many beautiful colours and designs and even lightweight and sturdy metal chairs and tables with elegant mesh.

Bistro furniture for an elegant look and great comfort

Our bistro sets and furniture in modern look and design will be perfect for most bistros and cafes. Please note that most of our bistro sets are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, the chairs from the bistro sets are great to sit in due to the great design and sitting comfort. The modern chairs for bistros, cafes, and private customers are designed to be stackable so they are easy to store taking up very little room. Your guests will enjoy sitting in our café and bistro chairs and your customers will enjoy a stay at your bistro, café, pub or restaurant. The stacking chairs consist of sturdy materials, and they are made for outdoor use as well – an obvious choice for many bistros, cafes, and bars. We offer various designs such as classic white or a more daring red, clear bistro chairs and classic black or grey. You can have simple stacking chairs without armrests, or the more sophisticated stacking chairs with a modern and elegant design, which will look amazing in most bistros and cafes.

Bistro sets in an elegant design

The elegant stacking chairs we offer for use in bistros, cafes, and restaurants are sturdy, lightweight and easy to store. By choosing our bistro sets - or just the chairs - for your cafe or restaurant, you are certain to have comfortable and practical chairs for your guests and customers. The chairs for our bistro sets are designed for hotels, bistros, cafes, and restaurants. The chairs are durable, strong and maintenance free. Many of our private customers appreciate these elegant chairs and use them for both parties and for everyday use to create an elegant bistro atmosphere in the kitchen or on the patio.