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Roof covers

Roof covers are a significant part of the marquee

Roof covers are an important part of any marquee. Sometimes you may need a new roof cover for your marquee if the old one is damaged or you want something else to look at. It is easy to replace the roof cover as you simply visit and order a new one. Please note that there are two different kinds of roof covers, and it is important that you know which kind you need before ordering. We offer covers with eyelets at the top of the Endwalls for mounting with bungees in the matching eyelets on the roof cover. The other kind we offer has a band of Velcro at the top of the Endwalls. The Velcro is used to mount the Endwalls onto the matching band of Velcro on the inside of the roof cover. You can easily find out which kind of marquee you have before ordering a new roof cover or other parts. You simply see whether your current roof cover has eyelets or a band of Velcro. Instead of ordering just a roof cover, you can order an entire cover all together with roof cover and sidewalls. Do you go with a complete cover, it is not important if your old roof cover has Velcro or eyelets, as the new cover works in its own right. Do you have questions about our roof covers, spare parts, or any other product in the shop? Please contact our Xperts so they can help you select the right roof cover and more.

New roof covers can make a huge difference

Having a new roof cover for your marquee will make a huge difference both visually and functionally. It is easy to order a new roof cover if you need to replace the old one, or maybe you just want something different to replace your old roof cover. You can have roof covers in PVC or PE to match your marquee. You can also order a new roof cover and a new set of sidewalls and keep the strong and durable frame from the old marquee. Then you have a new marquee at an affordable price. You are most welcome to contact our Xperts if you like some assistance in selecting the right cover for your marquee frame. You can also ask for an offer for an entire new marquee. Do you just need a new roof cover, please check which kind you need (see above).

Roof covers and many other spare parts at offers a wide selection of spare parts - roof covers, sidewalls, Endwalls, tubes, poles, fittings, and much more. Please note that no matter which kind of spare part you need, we cannot guarantee that a new roof cover – or any other spare part for that matter - will fit marquees from other suppliers than