Tables & Chairs

Party Tables & Chairs for all your parties and events by is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of party tents and party tent accessories. Here you find an impressive selection of folding tables, folding chairs, banquet tables, bar tables and benches in high quality at a low price. Choose between round and rectangular tables in various sizes and chairs in different colours. We have emphasised comfort and durability when designing, manufacturing or selecting our tables and chairs. If you feel comfortable in one of our chairs, you are likely to sit in it for a little longer - enjoying the party even more.

Our folding and stacking chairs are comfortable and easy to store

Our high-quality folding and stacking chairs are available in a wide range of elegant and durable designs all made of strong and weatherproof materials. Our folding chairs and stacking chairs are developed for all kinds of events, parties, and many of them can be used professionally in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The chairs are stackable and easy to store and transport - and at the same time they are surprisingly comfortable. You may use the classic folding and stacking chairs inside as well as outside. Choose between classic designs in neutral colours – or pick a bright red stacking chair if the occasion calls for a more flamboyant style.

Folding chairs and stackable chairs are durable and practical

Our padded folding chairs are made of durable and maintenance free materials. The sturdy and comfortable chair is perfect for professional rental companies – and for private customers. The elegant folding chair is made for indoor and outdoor use. The soft seat is made of synthetic materials, and the folding chair has a good back support. The folding chair is so comfortable that you can sit on it for hours on end. Furthermore, the folding chair is easy to transport, store and will last for many years. Furthermore, the folding chair is perfect for most kinds of parties and events - garden parties, weddings and professional events.