Honeycomb decorations

Honeycomb decorations – the light and elegant party decoration

Honeycomb decorations are light and delicate decorations suited for many kinds of parties and events all year round. You can even use the elegant paper decorations as a colourful detail in your home. The colourful paper decorations are easy to assemble and hang everywhere. They will create a light and festive atmosphere inside as well as outside in dry weather. Use the honeycomb decorations in the living room, in the children’s room or outside on the patio for a barbeque or inside a marquee or party tent. The light honeycomb decorations will also be perfect as decorations at your work or restaurants and cafés. The honeycomb balls are easy to fold out and mount so everybody can quite easily decorate everywhere with these nice and affordable decorations. We can even offer you honeycomb decorations for Christmas in the shape of hearts, bells and Christmas trees.

Honeycomb decorations – and many other party supplies

Party supplies such as honeycomb decorations and fairy lights may play an important part in your upcoming party. At Partytent.com, you can experience a large selection of party supplies and find all the things you need to turn your next party into a success. Choose from our wide assortment of party articles such as marquees, gazebos, fairy lights, disco lights and many spectacular LED-lights with multifunction, many different colours and beautiful effects. We also offer you basic items like disposable tableware including plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins and beautiful pennants and paper garlands!