Paper napkins in a professional quality

Paper napkins are a necessity at any party or event. Be sure always to have high-quality paper napkins in store for any occasion where people are invited for dinner or similar. We offer paper napkins in an exclusive and sturdy quality that looks elegant and feels like real linen napkins. They are soft against the skin and they are easy to fold into elegant shapes. You can also roll up the napkins and decorate them with a napkin ring - maybe with a table card integrated. The napkins come in different sizes and are made of environmentally friendly FSC-certified materials with the Nordic Ecolabel ‘Svanen’.

Paper napkins as part of an elegant table setting

When you set a table for a party or most other events, you need several things to make the table look beautiful and inviting. We offer among many other things tables and chairs, lighting, and paper napkins. With the right plates, glasses and maybe some flowers, you are ready to have people for some delicious food celebrating something important or maybe as part of a professional event. The paper napkins make it easy to set the table elegantly. Fold the paper napkins into a swan, heart, star, or as a fan - it is all up to you. Our elegant paper napkins will be an elegant and practical part of your event whether you have a summer party or an event during winter.

Paper napkins and everything else for your event offers a wide range of party and event products for your private party as well as a professional event. In our shop, you can one-stop-shop and order most of the things you need in the same place - and have it delivered where you need it within a few days. Order marquees, pop-up gazebos, folding tables, chairs, tablecloths, paper napkins, flooring, lighting, heating, and more. We offer personal service if you have questions about our various products. Please call us, e-mail us, or use our Chat so we can answer your questions or help you select the products you need for your upcoming party and more.