Blankets and throws

Blankets and throws for indoor and outdoor use

Blankets and throws will come in handy when the temperature drops or the wind picks up when you are outside on the patio, at the beach, out sailing or something similar. It can also be cosy and decorative to have a nice throw or blanket elegantly placed on the sofa. Apart from looking nice the blankets can come in handy if you want a blanket or a throw over your legs in the evening or if you need a blanket for a nap. With a throw or a blanket, you can be sure to keep warm. offers various thick and warm blankets and throws. When planning a party, a family gathering or other kind of event inside a marquee or on the patio, it would be a good idea to buy a stack of blankets or throws so you can offer your guests a blanket if they feel cold at some point. Having a soft fleece blanket or a faux fur throw, you can make sure your guests are warm and comfortable.

Blankets and throws for the patio

Throws and blankets from are soft, thick and warm – and our black and white fleece blankets and faux fur throws are washable so you can use them outdoor on the patio, take them to the beach or on picnic in the forest and when you arrange a party in a marquee. Do you enjoy being out in the wild? Most of us enjoy a bonfire, maybe a little music and a warm blanket or throw so you do not get cold. With a blanket or throw, you can stay outside as long as you please.

Throws and blankets for outdoor cafés

Throws and blankets are an important accessory at outdoor cafés and restaurants. Do you run an outdoor café or similar, be sure to have enough blankets and throws for your guests so you can use the outside area in the evening and well into the night. With enough throws and fleece blankets, you can make your guests feel warm and welcome.