FleXtents Infill Joint Panels

Infill joint panels complete your FleXtents® pop-up gazebos in an elegant way

Infill joint panels for FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are an indispensable part when you need to combine two or more gazebos. Sometimes a single pop-up gazebo may be too small for a certain event. Then you can combine two or more gazebos and create exactly the size of gazebo you want. Take the gazebos in question and place them next to each other. Simply mount the FleXtents® connectors onto the two frames, so they become firmly connected. Then you take the rain gutter and fasten it where the two covers meet to prevent water from coming into the gazebo in case of rain. Using our latest model with double roof cover, you do not need a rain gutter! Finally, you zip the infill joint panels onto the sidewalls. Now your pop-up gazebo is complete and ready for the event you have planned.

The infill joint panels are both simple to use and make a great difference

The elegant infill joint panels for your FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are easy to use and will make a huge difference when you put two or more pop-up gazebos together. Combining two or more gazebos will leave a small gap because the fabric of the sidewalls cannot meet when you put the structures together like this. The small area without cover will not appeal to most users of these elegant pop-up gazebos. We have created the infill joint panels, so you can have a complete and elegant gazebo no matter how many FleXtents® frames you combine. It is fast and easy to zip the panels onto the sidewalls and close the gap. It is not only a question of how the gazebo looks as the infill joint panels also provide shelter and cover. The panels are available in matching colours and designed for our FleXtents® pop-up gazebos.

Security is important when you use FleXtents® for parties and other events

We always recommend that you use our specially designed connectors for maximum stability when using two or more pop up gazebos together for a party. We also recommend that you mount a rain gutter, as the water otherwise will run into the gazebo if it starts to rain during the party – unless you use our new, double roof cover! You also need a Safety Pack with ground pegs and storm straps to secure the lightweight structure in case of windy weather. At Partytent.com, you can order various Safety Packs together with the other things you need to accommodate your guests elegantly and make the event a success.