Pagoda Marquees

Pagoda marquees with the unique and distinct roof cover

Pagoda marquees are very elegant and distinct marquees with a pointy and exotic roof cover. Many of our customers feel that it is by far our most beautiful marquee. The distinct pagoda marquees are made of the same sturdy and durable materials as most of the other marquees we offer – and offer the same functionality. There is just a small but important difference - the pointed roof! This little detail makes you think of Eastern mystique and exotic countries when you see the marquee. That is why our pagoda marquees can make a most spectacular setting for your upcoming event. Use the elegant pagoda marquee for an exclusive brunch, a buffet, or a full-scale event like a wedding or a professional event. Having a marquee with an elegantly pointed roof will make you stand out, as this special marquee does not look quite like any other marquee. The elegant structure will soon create a natural gathering point when you erect it in a garden or somewhere else when you want to gather people for a special event. A pagoda marquee is not only lovely to watch, it is also a real pleasure to be inside. The extra high ridge gives you a wonderful and special feeling of space when you are inside the pagoda marquee.

Pagoda marquees in sturdy materials and many sizes offers pagoda marquees in sizes from 9 m2 up to 100 m2. We are therefore convinced that you always can find a pagoda marquee that will match the number of guests you want to invite. Our pagoda marquees are very flexible, and you can use the various marquees with or without the sidewalls depending on the weather and the event. Without the sidewalls, the marquee becomes an elegant pavilion. If you mount the sidewalls, it will turn the marquee into an elegant room for entertaining guests. A place well shaded from the sun and sheltered against rain and wind. Whether you prefer a closed marquee or an open pavilion, the pagoda marquees provide a unique setting with the perfect ambience for most events.

Pagoda marquees with many elegant details

Our pagoda marquees have large Georgian style windows, which provide a beautiful inflow of light. The windows will also give you and your guests a lovely outlook. At night, a decorated pagoda marquee filled with sparkling LED lighting will look amazing and create a unique effect. At, you can buy a wide range of event and party accessories for your pagoda marquee. Among many other products, we offer folding chairs and tables, stacking chairs, marquee heaters, LED lighting and much more.