Marquees UNICO

Marquees UNICO for events out of the ordinary

Marquees UNICO from is classic marquees and then some! As opposed to always every other marquee, the UNICO series comes in all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. have somewhat changed the market for marquees with our light, durable and colourful covers. The innovative marquees combine the sturdy steel frame from our well-known classic marquees with a 100% waterproof, light and elegant PVC/polyester cover. These well-proven materials in a new combination make up our unique UNICO marquees. Please notice the very distinctive feature: the bright colours! The different colours give you many different possibilities when you are in the market for an elegant marquee a little out of the ordinary. We have enlarged the Georgian style windows to provide you with an even better inflow of light. Our Velcro Closure System ensures optimal climate inside the marquee especially in combination with one of our marquee heaters. The sidewall-sections are 2 metres, which gives you great flexibility as you can use the marquee UNICO with or without the sidewalls. Without any of the sidewalls, the marquee becomes an open pavilion. It is a great experience when the weather is fine. The unique marquees are delivered with both sidewalls and elegant decoration curtains. The curtains provide the marquee with an elegant and softer look. All these things have made our marquee UNICO very popular all over Europe.

Marquee UNICOs will brighten up any event

Marquees UNICO will create a classic and yet different setting for most events. You can use the colourful marquees for private parties as well as professional events. Close your eyes and try to see one of these elegant marquees in your favourite colour beautifully decorated and just waiting for your guests to arrive. We have, of course, a marquee UNICO in bright white so you can have the classic romantic colour for your wedding and more. At the same time, we have marquees in the colours red, black, dark grey, blue, sand, and green. No matter which colour marquee you prefer, you can have a colourful and beautiful marquee for many years. The light and durable cover of the UNICO marquees have a wonderful look and lightness. The various colours of the covers provide you with a special ambience inside the marquee. This is when it is light outside but also when different light decorations illuminate the marquee from the inside.

Are you looking for a new, innovative, and colourful marquee?

Marquees UNICO from are innovative and colourful marquees for most kinds of events. We are a major supplier of marquees and other event products in Europe. Among our huge selection of high-quality marquees, we offer this unique marquee with a perfect combination of well-known materials. The elegant marquee has a light, durable and 100% waterproof PVC/Polyester cover combined with the sturdy galvanised steel frame that you know from our classic marquees with a PE or PVC cover. You can have the elegant marquees UNICO in different sizes and vivid and bright colours like red, blue, green, sand, and grey, black and white. We design, manufacture, and offer one of the biggest selections of marquees on the market and offer personal service before, during, and under any purchase.