Queue management System

Queue management systems for elegant guidance

Queue management systems consist of rope barriers or retractable barriers – guidance systems well known at airports, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other places where you need to guide and indicate the way for a great number of people. The rope barriers and the retractable barriers are developed to control the flow of guests and customers at special events as well as for everyday use at, e.g. checkout points. By having a queue management system, you will make it easy to guide visitors and others so everybody instantly can see where you want them to go in any given situation. The high-quality queue management systems from Partytent.com are so iconic and well known that all you have to do is put up the barriers where you need them - and everybody will intuitively know what to do – both visitors, guests, and others.

Queue management systems are flexible and easy to handle

Queue management systems are an important tool for handling the flow of visitors at most sites. Rope barriers are indispensable when you need to guide and manage a large number of people, as the elegant rope barriers are perfect to indicate lines and borders in an easy and manageable way. Furthermore, the queue barriers are easy to handle as they can easily be moved when needed. It makes them extremely flexible, and you can adapt them to most events – anywhere you need to guide someone to control the flow of guests and more. At the same time, by elegantly guiding visitors and guests using the well-known queue management system, you can make everybody feel safe, as the visual guideline are clear, and very few will even consider crossing the ropes or straps.

Queue management systems can also be used as a space divider

Queue management systems are perfect for dividing a room and more into smaller areas. With our Café Set, you can divide your café or restaurant into smaller sections, which will give your guests a more cosy experience when visiting. A Café Set is made up of 2 barrier poles, 2 crossbars and a banner. We also offer an extension set consisting of a single barrier pole and a banner. With one or more extension sets, you can prolong your space divider infinite. Please note that the space divider can also be used as part of our queue management system, as the barrier poles are identical – except for the extra ring at the base of the pole where the banner is connected.

Elegant queue management systems in silver and gold

The elegant queue management system from Partytent.com has different posts – some are in stainless steel with a silver or gold finish and an elegant knob - others in a modern, minimal design with a retractable strap instead of the velvet band. No matter which design you choose, your queue management system will look great and fit easily into public areas at hotels, banks, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, museums, cinemas, theatres and galleries. Create a unique VIP-feeling by using our queue management system with red velvet rope or twisted rope for special events like parties, premieres and more.