Best Price Guarantee

When you shop at you are always guaranteed best prices. However if you find the same product at a better price elsewhere we will match that price! You can request a credit for the difference between the prices.

In order to claim the price guarantee you have to meet the requirements listed below.

  • The product must be 100% identical - same size, same tarpaulin quality and weight, and same frame specifications.
  • The product must be in stock and priced accurately.
  • Best Price Guarantee applies to product price only. It does NOT apply to shipping charges, gift with purchase, services, financing, bundling of items, free items and pricing errors.
  • Best Price Guarantee does NOT apply to bids made on online auctions such as eBay.
  • Best Price Guarantee is valid within a 10 day period after the purchase.
  • Best Price Guarantee is valid only within the same country of purchase.
    You need to provide the eligible documentation for the better offer.


Please call 23 341 84 00 concerning Price Match Guarantee transaction.