CombiTents extensions

CombiTents® extensions for an even greater experience

The most flexible marquee system on the market is by far our popular Semi PRO CombiTents®. The innovative modular construction makes it possible to scale your marquee to fit any event – big or small. Whether you arrange a small event with a few people or you have a big event with many guests, your Semi PRO CombiTents® system will make room for all! The modular system consists of sections, which can be joined to create one big marquee. Do you need even more room? May we suggest that you purchase a CombiTents® extension? With an extension, you can create room for even more guests. The extension makes your Semi PRO CombiTents® even more flexible and spacious. We offer a range of different CombiTents® marquees as well as different types of extensions. One type of extension is a middle section extending your existing marquee by inserting a marquee section in between two existing sections. Another type is the end extension with an end wall. Did you know that you with two end section extensions could assemble two separate marquees! This makes your Semi PRO CombiTents® even more flexible as you can put up two entirely separate marquees – next to each other or on two different locations!

CombiTents® extensions provide even more flexibility

Having one or more CombiTents® extensions you have an even more flexible CombiTents® marquee. The different extension kits contain a 2m middle section or a 2m or 4m extension with an end wall. The end walls in the extensions have a door to secure easy access. No matter which type of extension you prefer, you will have an even larger and more flexible marquee for your upcoming events. Thanks to our innovative Velcro closure system, it is very easy to attach the extensions to your CombiTents®. The roof section of this unique marquee system features a triple Velcro closure system with the ultimate protection against wind and rain for you and your guests. We call it intelligent innovation always to strive for improvements and smart details to enhance the marquee experience. At, you can order your Semi PRO CombiTents® and various extensions as well as everything else you need to make your event a success! See the large selection of Semi PRO CombiTents®, other types of marquees and pop-up gazebos as well as folding tables and chairs, flooring, carpets, LED lighting, heaters, and much more.