FleXtents Half sidewalls

Half Sidewalls for your FleXtents PRO and Xtreme for full attention and functionality

The FleXtents PRO and Xtreme pop-up gazebos are perfect for fairs, markets and other professional events. When it comes to design, colour and size, you get to choose from a vast variety when you have chosen a FleXtents PRO or Xtreme – the strongest and most sturdy pop-up gazebos on the market. With a large assortment of half sidewalls, you can turn your FleXtents PRO or Xtreme pop-up gazebo into an elegant and functional market stand for most events. The FleXtents can be set up in a few minutes, and you can choose from a great variety of colours and sizes – including the half sidewall that will turn your FleXtents pop-up gazebo into an inviting stand or booth. You can also mount an overhang on your FleXtents pop-up gazebo so the image is perfect. Add a folding desk from Partytent.com, and you are ready to go.

Half sidewalls can change your FleXtents PRO and Xtreme into a perfect stand

Are you a participant in a fair, a market or any other professional event like a festival, a sports event or other kind of gathering with many guests? Then you must not miss the opportunity to create positive attention with a beautiful and functional FleXtents with a half sidewall facing the public. You are free to choose from many different sidewalls and roof covers. In addition, you can even have your own design printed digitally onto the FleXtents. Imagine a bright red FleXtents PRO or Xtreme pop up gazebo with your logo printed on it – or a striped red and white for the next event.

The FleXtents PRO and Xtreme pop-up gazebos come in many different versions

FleXtents pop-up gazebos from Partytent.com have more than 1.600 different combinations – including colours, sizes, and designs. Furthermore, you can have more than a thousand option if you include digital printing. One of the reasons for the many combinations is the many different half sidewalls and sidewalls – in different colours, patterns, and functionality. The FleXtents pop-up gazebo series also have many other accessories, which you can use for designing your FleXtents pop-up gazebo – or change it when needed. FleXtents pop-up gazebos come with a practical carry bag, which makes it easy to transport and store. Other accessories than half sidewalls are roof covers, Safety Packs, ground bars, flooring, curtains, overhang, weight discs, sandbags, rain gutters, and connectors if you want to combine two or more gazebos.