Endwalls can change the look and feel of the marquee

Endwalls may be just another sidewall placed at the end of the marquee, but if it a significant part of the marquee just the same. You can have a series of different Endwalls with plain, closed Endwalls, Endwalls with zip doors or Endwalls with beautiful windows. As you can use your marquee for many different purposes, it will come in handy if you can change your Endwalls according to the event. Use the marquee for a classic party, for a fairs or market, for a professional event and much more. Depending on the occasion, you need different marquees, but with a few spare parts, it can be done much cheaper than that. With a few extra Endwalls, sidewalls, a middle wall, and maybe a little more, you are ready to go. When you need the marquee as a romantic setting for a wedding or a summer party, you can sometimes use the marquee without the Endwalls and sidewalls. If you need to close the marquee, you should use sidewalls with large Georgian styled windows for perfect light inside the marquee. Do you attend a fair or market, you should mount some plain and closed Endwalls and sidewalls for creating privacy at meetings or for storing goods. We recommend that you have a single marquee for all purposes. With some extra Endwalls and sidewalls, you are able to change the look and functionality of the marquee so it will meet the various needs.

Endwalls are easy to change when needed

Endwalls are strong and durable but they can be damaged for some reason or other. Then you need to order a replacement at Partytent.com. Sometimes you need an Endwall because you want to change the look and function of your marquee. When you need an Endwall for your Partytent.com marquee, go to the shop and order. We will then delivery in a few days. You can also choose to order an entire set of sidewalls including the Endwalls. Then you have a 2-in-1 solution with extra sidewalls and Endwalls for different events. Before ordering, please make sure to order the correct type of Endwall etc. Do you mount your Endwall with eyelets and bungees or with Velcro? Is the wall made of PE or PVC? Do you need an Endwall with just a door or would you prefer the wall to have windows? If you have any questions regarding your purchase of Endwalls or other parts for your Partytent.com marquee, please contact our Xperts. When ordering Endwalls that need bungees, remember to order the bungees separately as they are not enclosed!

Endwalls and many other spare parts for maximum longevity

One of many benefits of buying a Partytent.com marquee is that you can always order spare parts. Do you need a roof cover, sidewalls, Endwalls, middle walls, tubes, poles, fittings, and much more? Simply visit the shop and order. If you have lost a part, something is broken or if you just want to make a change – visit Partytent.com! It is always possible to replace e.g. an Endwall for your marquee. Are the old one broken or do you want to get a new Endwall with large Georgian-styled windows for more light inside your marquee? Our Xperts are ready to help if you have questions about our Endwalls or marquees in general. We cannot guarantee that our Endwalls – or any other spare part – will fit marquees from other suppliers than Partytent.com.