Rain gutters for coupling marquees

Rain gutters are just a long narrow piece of PVC but they can make an important difference at your upcoming event. If you for some reason need to couple two marquees in order to create more room, it is vital that the space between the two structures are sealed tight. Partytent.com offers one of the widest selections of marquees on the European market, so in most cases you can find the marquee you need for the occasion. Sometimes though, you still end up with having to couple two marquees to have enough room. When you place two marquees next to each other, you have to make sure that water cannot run down between the two structures in case of bad weather. With our effective rain gutters, you simply mount the narrow piece of PVC onto the roof covers of the two marquees and you have one coherent marquee. When coupling two marquees, you simply omit to mount the sidewalls on the sides coming together. You will then automatically have doubled the room for the event – or at least expanded the area – depending on the size of the two marquees! In case of rain during the event, water will do as water does – run where it can downwards – and it means into the marquee. That is why we have developed the sturdy rain gutters, so you can use two marquees and make it like one big marquee – spacious, inviting and dry inside.

Rain gutters for your marquees from Partytent.com

Rain gutters for your marquee work as rain gutter everywhere – they make sure that water does not run where you do not want it. When you put two marquees together, it is very easy to mount a rain gutter in between so water cannot run into the marquees drowning the event. The sturdy PVC rain gutter has Velcro bands, which makes it easy to mount the rain gutter onto the roof covers of your Partytent.com marquees. Our rain gutters are part of our extended product portfolio made to give you the best possible marquee experience whether you arrange a private party or a professional event. Apart from effective rain gutters we offer Safety Packs, heaters, flooring, carpets, tables, chairs and much more to ensure the best possible event every time.