Ground bar frames

Ground bar frames provide extra stability

Ground bar frames add extra strength and stability to most of the marquees and FleXtents® pop-up gazebos from Even though our marquee and gazebo frames are sturdy and strong, a simple ground bar frame will add some extra strength and stability to the entire structure. If you choose one of our marquees or pop up gazebos without a ground bar frame included, we offer a selection of ground bar frames so you also can enjoy the benefits of a ground bar frame. When you buy a ground bar frame for your marquee or pop up gazebo, you can be sure to get extra strength and stability the next time you invite friends and family over to celebrate an important event. The same goes for professional event, of course.

Ground bar frames are simple to assemble and easy to add

Ground bar frames are included in many of the marquees from as part of the strong and stable frame. You can use your marquee without a ground bar frame because the tent frames from are strong and stable as such. With a ground bar frame, you add that little extra stability to ensure a perfect result. We recommend adding a ground bar frame to any marquee or pop up gazebo that comes without a ground bar frame. If you already have one of our marquees without a ground bar frame, it is no problem to visit and order a frame. You go to the shop and find the ground bar frame, which will fit your marquee. It is the same procedure if you need a ground bar frame for your FleXtents® pop-up gazebo. We recommend that you also buy a Safety Pack with ground pegs and storm straps to secure your marquee during an event. offers personal service and advice

In case you have questions about our ground bar frames or any other product in the shop, please contact one of our Xperts at You can contact them by e-mail, phone or Chat.