Parasol lamps

Parasols lamps for the perfect ambience on the patio

Parasols lamps are designed especially for mounting underneath a parasol. With a parasol lamp, you can create a special ambience on your patio – or anywhere you have placed your parasol. Having a parasol during the day is obviously for shading the Sun. The same parasol will also be of use after the Sun is set. In the evening, your parasol protects you from the falling dew – and even a light shower. When you want to stay outside on the patio in the evening, a parasol will protect you somewhat against the cool and damp evening air, but you will be left in the dark without a parasol lamp. You quite easily mount our various parasol lamps on the parasol pole directly beneath the canvas. The lamp will enlighten the area below the parasol and a little beyond. We offer various parasol lamps in different styles and sizes. You can choose the classic globe light with elegant round lamps in a cosy old-fashion style or our modern LED parasol lights. Most of the lamps can be folded for easy handling of the parasol.