LED trees

LED trees for a unique feeling on the patio

The LED light decoration tree has a warm white light that creates an exceptional and cosy spectacle inside or outside your home. This beautiful LED tree combines natural design, high quality and functionality in one lifestyle product that will create unique atmosphere in your garden and home for the entire winter and further on. The LED tree has a warm light and two different bases; a metal spear for easy and stable mounting on the ground, in a pot or a planter and a cross that enables the LED tree to stand on the floor. Even though the tree is made of plastic, it looks surprisingly real.

LED trees with a warm feeling of Christmas – all year!

LED trees are filled with beautiful LEDs, which create an amazing ambience – at Christmas and the rest of the year. We all know the beautiful feeling we experience at the sight of glowing lights during the autumn and winter – and that goes for beautiful LED light both inside and outside. When you have one or more of our elegant LED trees in your garden, driveway or on the patio, you can create that special feeling every day. When you have LED trees placed outdoor in your garden, you can use the bright trees as a guide when it is dark, and as a beacon to welcome your guests. The LED trees are a perfect and modern decoration for your home, garden, patio, and it will work fine at restaurants, hotels and events such as parties and weddings too. You can use the elegant LED trees in countless ways, and it is easy to store when not in use. Most of our LED decoration trees have an app. 10 m cord so you can place the tree where it will give the best effect.