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Benches and sturdy beer table sets for your events

Folding benches and beer table sets for all kinds of parties and events. Some would claim that the iconic beer table sets only can be used at an Octoberfest in Germany or some other place, but the sturdy and flexible beer table sets can be used for all kinds of parties and events such as a birthday party, graduation party, a barbecue at home or work and maybe at the sports club. Our folding benches and beer table sets are easy to handle, easy to set up when you are hosting a party, and they only take up a little room when folded and stored. This also goes for our new beer table sets with an integrated backrest for better comfort. The sturdy beer table sets can be used inside and outside as you please. The beer table set cannot be outdoor permanently!

Folding benches made of FSC-wood or High-Density Polyethene

The folding benches from are available in various designs and materials. We offer beer table sets in sturdy and beautiful FSC-certified fir wood. This means that your beer table set has the mark of responsible forestry. Our range of beer table sets also includes sets with an integrated and foldable backrest, which provide you with a better comfort during the event. You can have the sets in different sizes, and they are all easy to store and transport because of the foldable legs on both the tables and benches. You can have the wooden beer table sets in either clear PU lacquer or black PU lacquer. The tables and benches are covered by lacquer on all sides. The beer table sets are also available in maintenance-free HDPE with strong, foldable powder-coated steel legs. The backrest is completely foldable, too. We also offer inflatable benches in a classic Chesterfield-look. The inflatable benches are elegant and fun, they come in white or black, and they are perfect for outdoor events like sports events, barbecues, beach parties, camps, and much more.

Benches and beer table sets create a wonderful ambience

Benches and beer table sets create a special feeling at your event – a feeling that is hard to obtain in the same degree using the more traditional folding or stacking chairs! By sitting a little closer together, you get a feeling of togetherness and familiarity. For your next birthday, garden party, or company event, try to have your guests sit on folding benches or at beer table sets, and see how sitting a little closer together will make a great ambience and create an even more cosy feeling. The new sets with an integrated backrest will look fine and create a better comfort during the event. When people sit together like this, everything seems a little more down-to-earth and very cosy! The sturdy beer table sets and folding benches can be used inside as well as outside, so you can use the practical benches and beer table sets at most events. If you have questions about our folding benches, beer table sets or the elegant inflatable benches, please contact our Xperts at The Xperts will answer all your questions and help you find the right products for your event.