Pop up gazebos STEEL

FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos for all kind of events

For years, our popular FleXtents® pop-up gazebos have been the leading brand in Europe. You can see the elegant, lightweight gazebos everywhere whether you attend a private party or a professional event. The FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos are the elegant and sturdy result of our dedicated product development. We have been working to develop a high-quality solution, which is strong, flexible, and durable. That is why we experience such a great demand from customers all over Europe and beyond. The innovative functionality and high-quality materials, which characterise FleXtents® pop-up gazebos from Partytent.com, is the main reason for this demand. However, access to professional advice before, during and after purchase also plays a vital role. When you order a FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebo or a gazebo from one of the other series you get access to the extensive knowledge and service from the FleXtents® Xperts.

The versatile FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos

One of the many FleXtents® series is called Steel. It is pop-up gazebos in strong and durable materials. Like the other series with different high-quality gazebos, the various Steel pop-up gazebos can be set up in just a few minutes - some of the smaller gazebos in just 60 seconds! The Steel-series include strong and sturdy pop-up gazebos, which like the other gazebos combine great functionality with an elegant design. FleXtents® Steel has a strong powder-coated steel frame with heavy-duty hexagonal tubes for maximum strength and durability. The large footplates provide great stability and we recommend that you use ground pegs or weight discs to secure your gazebo. The FleXtents® height is adjustable in 3 different positions providing maximum flexibility. The roof cover and sidewalls are in a strong and durable polyester. The roof cover is waterproof, UV-resistant, stain-resistant and washable! You can use the elegant pop-up gazebo with or without the sidewalls depending on the weather, the occasion, and your mood. The Steel-series is an affordable alternative to our PRO-series. Please note that we offer a wide range of FleXtents® accessories like our sturdy transport bags, Safety Packs, weight discs, and much more.

FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos if you want flexibility and high quality

The high-quality FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos are made of strong and lightweight materials. Use the flexible pop-up gazebos for all kinds of events like markets, fairs, parties, sports events, and much more. The pop-up gazebo is both an elegant setting and a perfect shelter from the rain, wind, and sun. For several years, our FleXtents® pop-up gazebos have been a benchmark for all kinds of elegant, durable, and portable pop-up gazebos. Partytent.com has a leading position in Europe when it comes to FleXtents® pop-up gazebos. We are proud that we can celebrate thousands of happy customers in all the European countries and beyond. Do you have questions about our FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos or any of the many other FleXtents® pop-up gazebos? Please contact us by phone, e-mail, or Chat.

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