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Mosquito nets for FleXtents

Mosquito net for FleXtents® pop-up gazebo

Mosquito net for your FleXtents® Basic, PRO or Xtreme pop-up gazebo will make your stay inside the gazebo even more pleasant as you can enjoy your dinner or free time without having to worry about flying insects like bees, flies and mosquitos. We all know the feeling of sitting at a nice table outside enjoying a lunch or dinner and then flying insects start buzzing – around your head and going for the food and beverage.

Buy a set with two sidewalls with mosquito net

By replacing one or more of the sidewalls on your FleXtents® Basic, PRO or Xtreme pop-up gazebo with a sidewall with mosquito net, you can be free from the annoying flying insects pestering the day or the evening – and still have plenty of light and air inside the gazebo. Buy a set with two sidewalls with mosquito net or take two sets with four walls in all to cover the entire gazebo with sidewalls with net. The mosquito net sidewalls are as easy to mount with Velcro as all the other sidewalls for your FleXtents® gazebo.

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The mosquito net sidewalls are just one of many accessories for your FleXtents® pop-up gazebo. Check our FleXtents® Accessory category on the shop and see the many options for redesigning and changing your gazebo for various purposes and occasions. Do you have questions about any of our FleXtents® products, please contact our FleXtents® Xperts by e-mail, phone, or Chat.