Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment for making your events safe

When you arrange any kind of event in a party tent or pop-up gazebo, we recommend that you secure the structure with some of our safety equipment. To avoid accidents and injuries, use our strong Safety Packs, weight discs, sandbags or other items to secure your party tent or pop-up gazebo. Any kind of lightweight gazebo should be secured when you are having a party, another kind of event or put up a storage tent. Always be sure to take into account the ratio between weight and surface on your party tent, pop-up gazebo, or storage tent. All tents are lightweight, strong, and have a large surface, which the wind can take hold of. On a windy day, the wind can move or even turn over your party tent causing a lot of damage! So be sure to use some kind of safety equipment to be on the safe side - even when using our large and otherwise very stable party tents.

Safety equipment for your party tent and pop-up gazebo from

One of our most popular and efficient safety equipment is the strong Safety Packs with storm straps and storm pegs. You can use Safety Packs for securing all our various party tents, pop-up gazebos, and storage tents such as portable garages and more. A large and spacious party tent is the perfect choice for creating extra room for all kinds of events. The party tents are made for private parties as well as professional events. A large and elegant party tent will provide shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. Even when it is cold, you can have a great time inside a party tent if you place a heater or two inside the tent. We always want you to have a great time in one of our party tents and more - but do not forget to secure the structure using safety equipment! It is quite simple to secure a party tent with storm straps and ground pegs from a safety Pack. The same goes for a storage tent and even for our FleXtents® pop-up gazebos. However, we also offer weight discs and sandbags for securing FleXtents® pop-up gazebos. Sometimes, it can be a more flexible solution for lightweight structures. Please always read the Safety Advice for the various party tents, pop-up gazebos, and storage tents!

Safety packs with storm straps and ground pegs for safety

Never put up a party tent or any other lightweight structure during a storm or bad weather in general. Always check the weather forecast to see how the weather is going to be when you are using a party tent or similar. Even if the weather looks fine, always secure your party tent and more with a safety pack and secure your structure with storm straps and ground pegs. By using our high-quality safety equipment, you do not have to worry about the weather unless there is a storm coming. Use a few minutes to secure your party tent and more every time you are going to use it. The small effort can save you from unnecessary accidents whether you are going to use a party tent, pop-up gazebo, or a storage tent. If you chose not to secure your party tent and you have an accident, your insurance may not cover!