Lighting helps you create the perfect ambience

Lighting can create the perfect ambience for most parties. That is why we offer you a wide selection of party lighting. When you arrange an event in a marquee or a function room, you can create an amazing atmosphere by using a combination of different lighting. by offers you a wide assortment of lighting for outdoor and indoor use. Are you going to arrange an event in a marquee, you can choose from a series of beautiful LED lights which will be an important part of the ambience inside the marquee as well as outside.

LED Lighting saves power

Lighting with LED is the way to do things today. Many of us care about our energy consumption – if not for the environment then for the expense. No matter where your focus lies, it is always a good idea to use the LED technology. The lighting products at by are all LED, as this technology saves power. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the intensity of the light. You do not have to settle for any less when it comes to the intensity of the LED light or the ambience in general. Our wide selection of LED products offers you every option to go all the way when it comes to lighting up your party. Turn on as much light as you want, creating an amazing ambience without feeling guilty about the energy consumption.

Enjoy an abundance of colours

Lighting in many different colours helps you create a special ambience for any event. Have a look at our beautiful rechargeable LED cubes and LED balls, which can be used both indoor and outdoor. With these elegant items, you get an abundance of beautiful colours and exciting effects, which will provide you and your guests with a wonderful feeling when you see the spectacular light inside the marquee, in the garden or maybe around a pool. Our unique LED cubes and balls with colours and multifunction are rechargeable and do not need a cord during the party. Place the LED cubes and LED balls exactly where you want without having to worry about extension cords.

Lighting in the shape of beautiful fairy lights

Lighting can also be in the shape of fairy lights. Our elegant fairy lights create an almost magical feeling – whether you mount them inside a marquee or place them on the table as part of the table decoration. We offer a large assortment of different fairy lights such as rope lights, bulbs, rice lamp design, cotton balls in various beautiful colours and much more. All our beautiful fairy lights will create a pleasant experience for everyday use and at all kinds of parties throughout the year.

Lighting for disco dancing and fun

Lighting will always be an important part of any party as it creates a cosy feeling and great ambience. Do you want to arrange a party where your guest will crowd the dance floor? Then you have to light up the dance floor, and we have just the right equipment for this. With our classic disco dancing lighting and equipment, you can produce the right feeling that most people know from the discotheque or club. The perfect lighting provides you with the ultimate party feeling on the dance floor – disco light. We offer you the complete set of coloured disco light organs, strobe light, smoke machine and the classic disco ball with spotlights that will reflect the light around the marquee or the function room creating the perfect feel. All you need to do now is finding the right music for the occasion so your guest can dance all night.

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