Theme party supplies

Party supplies for all kinds of parties and events

Theme party supplies include our Party Box-series with various fun and inspirational party products. The theme party supplies from can add a fun and festive look and feel to most celebrations. With our party supplies such as decorations and lighting, you already have an important part of the decorations for most events and parties. At, you can choose from a large selection of party supplies so you can make your next event into a great success. You can choose from a wide assortment of party articles such as marquees, gazebos, outdoor and indoor lighting, fairy lights, disco lights and many spectacular LED-lights with different colours and effects. Our party supplies also include basic items such as disposable tableware like plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, and tablecloths and napkins, beautiful pennants and paper garlands. We even offer you showstoppers like a popcorn machine with or without a cart, a slush ice machine or a colourful bouncy castle or cushion!

Party supplies for all kinds of celebrations

When you want to arrange a party or other kind of events like a child’s birthday or a New Year’s Eve, you can choose from our different Party Boxes. Here you can have disposable tableware like cups, plates, napkins and hats, masks, paper garlands and other items, which can help you create the right ambience. Our Party Boxes can be used as inspiration, and you can combine them with some of the other party supplies from such as tablecloths, disposable tableware, lighting and more. Whether you are going to arrange a wedding, a birthday or a professional event, is the place to start looking for all the fun and elegant products that will make the event special and memorable.