LED floodlight with sensor provide light and security around the house

When you have a floodlight outside your house, you will enjoy a nice feeling of security as the light goes on every time there is movement close by. The elegant and efficient security lights with or without a solar cell panel provide a powerful LED light in specific areas around the house. Use is in the carport, the patio, next to the front door etc. All the different areas around the house where you not necessarily have to have a light on permanently. The LED floodlight is 100% self-sufficient using the solar cell panel or the three enclosed batteries. The floodlight with the solar cell panel also has three batteries as backup.

An affordable security light for many purposes

Our floodlight is made so more or less everybody can mount it in no time. Use a screwdriver or the enclosed kit for mounting without tools of any kind. Because the security light runs on solar power or batteries, you do not need an electrician. You simply mount the floodlight, turn it on and it is ready to provide you with light every time there is motion. At every movement, the bright LED light will come on for about 10 seconds and then shut off again. If the movement continues, the light will stay on.

The police also think it is a good idea to install security light

It may not come as a big surprise that the police recommend that you secure your home with floodlights for security reasons. They know that light will prevent many a burglar to enter the premises. The LED floodlight has a PIR motion sensor and will light up an area of app. 12x16 m. Use it in your driveway, carport, garden path, around the front door and other places where you will need light for orientation and for scaring off burglars. The light is adjustable both sideways and up and down. This function makes it easy to cover any given area. The LED floodlight can also be used indoor.