CombiTents® marquees are by far the most flexible marquees you can get

CombiTents® marquees from are based on our many years of experience and extensive knowledge about marquees and related products. Our extensive product development has resulted in innovative CombiTents® marquees. The marquee series is divided into sections, which makes it extremely flexible. As a result, you get 6 marquees in 1 when you buy a CombiTents® marquee. The extensive flexibility means that you always have a marquee, which fit the event big or small. As the marquee is adaptable in size, you can always adjust the marquee to the number of guests you want to invite. Just assemble the number of sections you need for any given event – and you have the space you need.

CombiTents® marquees fit every party you want to arrange – big or small

A traditional marquee has a given size, which you cannot adjust. Do you need a bigger marquee, the only solution is to buy another tent and place it next to the one you have. As such, a classic marquee will often have the size it has without any possibilities to extend it if needed. With a classic marquee, you will often have too much or too little room for the event in question. Having a CombiTents® marquee, you can always invite the number of guests you like – you simply adjust your marquee to fit the number of guests! A CombiTents® marquee is always a clever choice, as you will have a sturdy and flexible marquee for all your events for several years. Use your CombiTents® marquee for almost any occasion. It will be a perfect setting for a christening, a wedding, an important anniversary, and much more. Are you looking for a new marquee? With a CombiTents® marquee, you get lots of extra, flexible room for almost any event imaginable. You can use our CombiTents® marquees for both private parties and professional events as you please.

CombiTents® marquees with many important details

CombiTents® marquees are extremely flexible so you can use them for all kinds of events – big or small. The flexibility of the CombiTents® marquees is based on a series of smart features like the innovative roof. Because the marquee is divided into sections, it is of great importance that the entire roof is as waterproof as every other marquee roof. That is why we have developed a unique roof construction to solve this challenge. offers the Triple Velcro Closure System, which our creative design team have developed. The unique system with strong PVC cover and strips of Velcro ensures that the CombiTents® marquees are 100% waterproof whether you use a single section or every section available. The CombiTents® marquee all have a strong and durable galvanised steel frame to hold the cover. Furthermore, the marquees have Double Velcro Windstop at doors and joints for ultimate protection against draft when inside the marquee.