Marquees 4 m series

Marquees 4 m series for most kinds of events

Marquees 4 m series offers you various elegant designs from which you can choose. No matter which of the many designs you choose, they will all comply with the high standards of the brand. Marquees are the obvious choice when selecting a functional setting for an event – a private event as well as professional events. by is the leading supplier in Europe, and we offer a wide range of functional, elegant and flexible marquees. At, you can find marquees in all sizes and designs. We develop, produce and sell a wide selection of quality marquees to private customers and professional customers.

Marquees 4 m series will provide the perfect setting for the event

Marquees 4 m series offers a large selection of elegant marquees – all in high quality, which will offer you great value for your money. Use the marquees 4 m series for all kinds of events like family get-togethers, barbecue parties, birthdays and other important events within the family or professional events. The 4 m marquees series furthermore has the advantage that they can be put up almost anywhere, as they do not need very much room. The 4 m series comes in different size combinations, and you can invite up to 50+ guests with a marquee from this series. Please note: are your guests going to be seated at, e.g. a dinner, the number of guests will be app. 21.

Marquees 4 m series with a series of innovative features

You can choose one of our PE marquees or one of the PVC marquees – depending on your preferred price-quality match. No matter what you choose, you will get a high-quality marquee that will last you for many events. Did you know that our marquees are equipped with the innovative Velcro-closure system? The closure-system makes the sidewalls and doors tight, so your guests inside the marquee do not feel any draft or cold air during the event. Are you throwing a party while the weather is cold and damp? by offers a series of efficient heaters, which will provide the perfect temperature inside the marquee.

Marquees 4 m series with personal and dedicated service

Our marquees are among the best marquees on the market. They are durable and user-friendly, but the wide range sometimes makes it a little difficult to keep the overview and pick the marquee that will meet your demands. Do you want a little help and guidance? Please contact our Marquee Experts – they will guide you through the many different marquees. Contact our Experts via telephone, e-mail, or Chat.

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