Weight discs

Weight Discs and Sandbags for your FleXtents pop-up gazebo

Safety is an important part of having a FleXtents pop-up gazebo. One of the many things that contributes to making the FleXtents the no. 1 brand in Europe is the lightweight materials. These aluminium and steel frames weigh next to nothing and it makes them easy to handle, store and transport. On the other hand, you need to make sure that the pop-up gazebos are secured when setting up for an event, as they can be susceptible to the wind. The good news is that it is easy to secure your FleXtents by using ground pegs, storm straps or weight discs. Depending on the surface, your FleXtents stands on you can use different items for securing the structure from tilting or in worst-case fly away in bad weather. We recommend that you do not set up your FleXtents pop-up gazebo if a storm or bad weather, in general, has been forecasted. However, even a little wind can cause trouble if you do not take precautions.

Weight Discs are perfect for securing your FleXtents pop up gazebo

Securing your FleXtents pop up gazebo with weight discs are always a good idea and very recommendable. Do you want further safety? Then use one of the Partytent.com Safety Packs with storm straps and ground pegs. If your FleXtents pop-up gazebo is standing on a wooden patio or on flagstones or tarmac, you cannot use ground pegs. Then the weight discs are perfect for securing your gazebo.

FleXtents pop up gazebos are the most flexible gazebo on the market

FleXtents pop-up gazebos from Partytent.com have more than 1.600 combinations when you count colours, sizes, and designs – and that is not counting the thousands of options you have with digital print. The FleXtents pop-up gazebo series has a wide range of different accessories, which you can use for re-designing, changing, or securing your FleXtents pop-up gazebo for different events. To mention a few accessories; sidewalls with different types of windows, sidewalls without windows, roof covers, Safety Packs, ground bars, flooring, curtains, roof lining, overhang, and rain gutters and connectors that make it possible to combine two or more gazebos that will work as one big unit.