Sidewalls can change the look of your marquee

Sidewalls are a significant part of your marquee. You can have several different kinds of sidewalls, combine them in different ways, and even use the marquee without sidewalls from time to time. Choose between the plain, closed sidewalls, the sidewalls with just a door, and the sidewalls with large Georgian windows. Use the various sidewalls for creating a closed space for a party or event – or make a more open structure with just a few sidewalls when the weather and the occasion calls for that. A marquee can be the perfect setting for all kinds of events with all the sidewalls mounted or with just the roof cover so you have an open marquee or pavilion. If you for some reason want to change or replace the sidewalls on your marquee, visit the shop and order one or more new sidewalls. Please make sure to order bungees separately, as they are not enclosed with the various sidewalls.

Sidewalls as a replacement or something new

Sidewalls can just be a replacement if the old one has been damaged. You can also buy new sidewalls if you want to change the look and function of the marquee. We offer sidewalls in different designs – plain sidewalls without doors or windows, sidewalls with just a zip door and with large Georgian windows to create a wonderful inflow of light. You can use your marquee for many different purposes, and then it is a good idea to have sidewalls to match the functionality. For a shop or a stand on a market, it is a good idea to have the plain sidewalls so you can have your stored goods inside – or use the marquee as a show room. When you arrange a party in your marquee, you should have sidewalls with large windows to provide a wonderful light inside the marquee during the day. With the large windows, you will also make your guests feel welcome in a stylish room that looks and feels larger than it is. Order a new marquee with an extra set of sidewalls, and you have a flexible 2-in-1 solution with a marquee for various functions. Please contact our Xperts if you want help to select the best marquee and sidewalls.

Sidewalls are just some of the numerous spare parts we offer offers a large selection of spare parts such as roof covers, sidewalls, Endwalls, tubes, poles, fittings, and much more. Are you looking for spare parts for your marquee? Please note that we cannot guarantee that our sidewalls – or any other spare part – will work together with marquees from other suppliers than