Marquees 3 m series

Marquees 3 m series for various events

Marquees 3 m series offers many different models and designs for you to choose. All the small marquees fully live up to the high standards of the brand. Marquees 3 m series provide you with the perfect setting for parties and events on a smaller scale – both private and professional events. by is the leading marquee supplier in Europe, and we are proud to offer practical, functional and flexible marquees. You can choose from marquees in numerous designs and sizes. We develop and offer one of the largest selections of marquees on the European market including the marquees 3 m series.

Marquees 3 m series will give you the perfect setting

The marquees 3 m series is an obvious choice for a wide range of events such as birthdays, anniversaries and professional events. One of the many advantages of the marquees 3 m series is that you can erect them almost anywhere, even in places where you have limited room. We deliver the marquees 3 m series with large and elegant windows and different combinations of size. The marquees in this range will hold up to 24 guests depending on the type of arrangement. Are you going to seat your guests at tables, most of the marquees will have room for 12-14 people, while you can be up to 24 if everybody is standing like at a reception. You can choose marquee covers in either PE or PVC depending on your preferred price-quality match.

Marquees 3 m series are comfortabl

Our marquees are all equipped with the simple yet innovative Velcro-closure system. This system helps doors close properly and ensures that sidewalls are tight, so your guests are comfortable without feeling a draft or having cold air spoiling the party. When the temperature outside is too low, by offers a series of heaters. The efficient heaters can heat the marquee and provide a pleasant temperature inside the marquee.

Marquees 3 m series with a personal touch

Marquees 3 m series from by are some of the best, most sturdy and durable marquees on the market. Sometimes the large selection makes it somewhat difficult to select the exact marquee you need. We, therefore, offer personal advice and guidance before, during and after any purchase. Contact our marquee Experts if you have any questions or need guidance in selecting a marquee. Our Experts can be contacted via telephone, e-mail, Skype or Chat - they are ready to help you by answering any questions you may have.

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