Folding chairs

Folding Chairs for easy and practical storage offers a wide range of comfortable folding chairs made of durable and maintenance free materials, which make them the obvious choice for both rental companies and private customers. The elegant folding chairs are made to be used indoor as well as outdoor, and they can be cleaned with warm water and a cloth. Our folding chairs with padded seats have a cushion made of weatherproof and synthetic materials, which make the folding chairs surprisingly comfortable. Furthermore, the folding chair has a good back support so you can sit relaxed and comfortably during the entire event. The folding chairs are easy to transport, store and will provide you with plenty of seats for many years. Our sturdy, elegant, and comfortable folding chairs are the perfect solution for rental companies supplying party accessories for all kinds of events such as garden parties, confirmations, weddings and a wide range of professional events.

Our folding chairs are durable and lightweight

Folding chairs are an indispensable part of most events no matter where the venue is at - indoor or outdoor. offers you a broad selection of high-quality folding chairs in rental quality. You can select from many sturdy, comfortable and maintenance-free folding chairs. You can have sturdy folding chairs in black or white with comfortable seats and well-designed backs that your guests will appreciate even if the party goes on well into the night. We offer folding chairs in sturdy and durable materials like PP and steel – and you can even have an elegant folding chair in the popular rattan-look.

Folding tables for all your events and parties

The sturdy folding tables from are a practical and maintenance free solution for most events. Use our folding tables indoor as well as outdoor - and be sure to have enough folding tables, so you always have enough room at the table for all your guests. Folding tables are an extremely popular solution for different kinds of events in marquees because the lightweight tables are so easy to transport, handle, and store. The folding tables are sturdy, stable, and they fit in at both formal and less formal events. The plain lightweight folding tables can be decorated to look amazing at any kind of event.