Design Marquees

Design marquees in high-quality materials and great style

Design marquees are marquees with just a little extra in the shape of unique design and shape. Our series of design marquees offers among others octagonal marquees, which will provide you with a beautiful setting for both a private party and a professional event. The design marquees also include our unique pagoda marquees with the pointed roof. These marquees makes you think of oriental mystique and travelling to distant countries. The pointed roofs looks spectacular from the outside, and they make it a wonderful experience to be inside one of these magnificent structures. It is simply wonderful to sit underneath the high-ridged roof, which gives you a deep feeling of space. The large Georgian style windows ensure a lovely inflow of light during the day and an even more spacious feeling at night because of the great outlook. At night, the large windows also make the design marquee look spectacular, when it is beautifully illuminated. To ensure a pleasant temperature inside your design marquees, you can order various heaters at together with a great selection of LED lighting for indoor and outdoor use.

Design marquees provide an elegant setting for any event

Design marquees are an important but still a minor part of the extensive selection of elegant and functional marquees from – the leading European supplier of marquees and other high-quality party products. We offer a wide range of marquees for all kinds of events and parties for private consumers as well as professionals. Our high-quality marquees can help you turn any event into something special. Our elegant marquees will not only provide a wonderful ambience during the party, they will also look astonishing on Facebook and Instagram. Our design marquees have strong and sturdy steel frames and a durable roof cover and sidewalls in either polyester with PVC coating or in 100 % durable PVC. We offer our design marquees with various features. All the marquees from offer a perfect match between price and quality and they are the obvious choice for anyone looking for a marquee with a unique design.

Design marquees last longer because we offer a Spare Part Service

Design marquees consist of many different parts like all marquees. The high-quality marquees are both beautiful, elegant, and made to last a long time. However, we all know that accidents do occur. It can happen that you or somebody else misplace a part or something breaks due to an accident. offers a wide selection of spare parts, so you always can get the part(s) missing or ruined. We offer spare parts like tubes, fittings, sidewalls and roof cover. Our spare part service is another great reason for selecting a marquee from as you can enjoy your marquee for even longer with access to spare parts. If you want help to find the right spare part, please contact one of our Xperts at