PVC marquees

Marquees for all your fun and important events

Marquees are available in many different sizes, designs, and materials. You can have a marquee for every celebration and other events. Use a marquee for a private party or a professional event. PVC marquees are high-quality marquees with a durable cover and a sturdy steel frame. At partytent.com, we have more than 15 years of experience developing and selling marquees in an abundance of different looks and designs. Having an elegant, high-quality PVC marquee provide you with the perfect setting for many events. Use the sturdy marquee for weddings, confirmations, birthdays and many other events. A classic and functional marquee with a PVC cover will also be perfect for various professional events like fairs, product launches, team-building events, and for the company summer party. Partytent.com offers a wide range of elegant marquees for both private customers and professional customers. We offer so many marquees that you can always find the right marquee whether you need it for a private event or a professional event.

Marquees for every kind of event – big and small alike

A marquee in itself is just a bare room, but with a marquee, you get a lot of extra space for all kinds of events. Use the marquee to create an elegant and cosy setting where you can have your guests out of the sun and sheltered from the wind and rain. If you only want to have a marquee for a few events per years, you should choose one of our affordable PE marquees. Do you want a marquee you can use more often, you should buy one of our elegant PVC marquees. You have to spend a little extra, but it is definitely worth the money! The PE and the PVC marquees provide you great options to arrange events to be remembered. Use the marquees for everything from a romantic wedding or a birthday to a professional event. You can also hear people talk about our marquees and call them other names such as party tents, music tents, beer tents, market tents, and garden tents. It does not matter what you call this well-known structure as long as you use it for great events of all kinds for the next many years. It is an excellent idea for you to own a high-quality marquee rather than rent a marquee each time you want to arrange a party or professional event.

Durable marquees from Partytent.com

Our marquees are made of many small and large parts. We all know that things sometimes can go missing or accidents happen. That is why we offer you to buy spare parts at Partytent.com. It means that you can enjoy your marquee for a long time even if you lose some bits and pieces. We offer you spare parts for the frame as well as covers, sidewalls and more so you have a chance to replace a missing part or renew the look and feel of the marquee by changing the sidewall to a different type.

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