Marquees Semi Pro

Marquees Semi-Pro when you want quality and durability

Marquees Semi-Pro from is aimed at professionals and private customers who want the best. Our Semi-pro marquees may cost a little extra compared to some of our other marquees, but you can rest assured that you get your money’s worth. Most of our customers are more than willing to pay a little extra for this quality and durability. The marquee Semi-Pro provide you with the best quality, stability and durability. With the Semi-Pro series, you can have elegant and beautiful marquees with large, Georgian style windows, which more than anything else provide you with an amazing inflow of light. Having a marquee with large windows ensures a wonderful light and spacious feeling inside the marquee. The marquees in this series are easy to decorate and will make up the perfect settings for a wedding, a graduation party, or various professional events. The spacious marquees can also be perfect for fairs, a product launch, a seminar, and various networking events. Finally, the spacious room will be perfect for a company party.

Marquees Semi-Pro are made of strong and durable materials

Marquees Semi-Pro are elegant marquees with a durable roof cover and sidewalls in 500 g/m2 PVC. The series provide you with sturdy and elegant marquees for a multitude of purposes. The PVC cover is 100% waterproof and meets all the required fire safety certificates. The strong, galvanised steel frame with 50 mm tubes plays an important part in the sturdiness of these marquees. The marquees in this series are made for frequent use so that you can assemble and disassemble many times over. The Semi-Pro marquees come with a sturdy ground bar and ground pegs for optimal stability. Many companies have their semi-professional marquee for professional events as well as events that are more festive.

Marquees Semi-Pro provide you with a beautiful setting

Marquees Semi-Pro provide you with a wonderful setting for most kinds of events like a family dinner or some professional event. Having an event in an elegant marquee requires some of the event accessories we offer. At, we offer among other things folding chairs, stackable chairs, folding tables, stretch tablecloths, LED lighting, and various heating. We also offer personal advice and service if you have questions regarding the Semi-Pro marquees - or some of the many other products you may need for your upcoming events.