Elegant marquees for a wide range of events

Marquees are the perfect setting for a wide range of events – private events as well as professional events. is the leading supplier of quality marquees in Europe, and we offer a wide range of practical, functional and flexible marquees in all sizes and colours. Please find our selection of marquees in many different models, sizes and designs at our webshop. We develop, produce and sell one of the largest selections of marquee and storage solutions in the European market. In short, we offer marquees for numerous purposes.

Marquees for big and small celebrations alike

Marquees are the obvious solution when you need room for some sort of celebration big or small. Marquees are perfect for major events in life such as christenings, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, and much more. boasts 15 years of experience in developing more or less every kind of marquees. We offer a wide range of marquees with many important features, which makes the functionality and overall experience amazing. Whether you prefer an expensive or more affordable marquee, you always get good value for your money. Furthermore, our marquees are logical and easy to assemble, mount, use, disassemble and store. The marquees have another simple yet brilliant feature - Velcro-closure. The smart system, which secures doors and ensures that sidewalls are tight, so the guests inside the marquee do not feel any draft or cold air during the party or event. When you arrange a party and the temperature outside is on the low side, by offers a series of heaters, which can produce a pleasant temperature inside the marquee.

Marquees with a personal touch

Marquees from come in many different models and sizes. They are all are among the best, most sturdy, durable and user-friendly marquees on the market. The large selection can make it a little challenging to choose the exact marquee according to your needs and desires. This is the reason for us offering personal advice and guidance from our Marquee Experts. Our Experts are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our marquees and other items in the shop. Contact the Experts via telephone, e-mail, or Chat. With the personal contact, you can always get an answer or receive guidance when selecting a marquee and more. Go to and see all the various marquees – and contact an Expert before, during or after your purchase.

Spare parts available for maximum use and enjoyment

Marquees are made up of many different bits and pieces. Sometimes these bits and piece get lost, or they are ruined for various reasons. For you to enjoy your marquee for as long as possible, offers spare parts for your marquee. Go to Buy Spare Parts next to the relevant marquee in the shop – here you can find and order the part(s) you need. With new spare parts, you can use your marquee for much longer without having to buy a new marquee.

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