Marquees Multipavillon

Marquee Multi-pavilion® for the exclusive events

Marquee Multi-pavilion® is a unique and elegant marquee for special and exclusive events. The beautiful dome marquee is made for both professional and private use, and there can be no doubt that the exquisite marquee makes a beautiful setting for important events like a wedding, a confirmation and an exhibition, a product launch, or maybe an exclusive fair for high-end products. The beautiful arches may be a romantic touch at one event and a practical detail at another, e.g. if many guests are to visit your marquee at an exhibition. The distinctive dome-shaped marquee Multi-pavilion® will be recognised anywhere and will look spectacular everywhere and for any event because of the beautiful and unique shape.

Marquee Multi-pavilion® – based on a unique and innovative idea

The marquee Multi-pavilion® from is a unique concept. The elegant dome-shaped marquee is based on many years of innovative thinking resulting in one of the most elegant marquee systems on the market. We have driven the Multi-pavilion® to excellence as we have focused on superior materials, functionality and the most inviting appearance. The marquee is a combination of an easy-to-assemble frame and a sturdy and flame retardant cover. The marquee is easy to assemble, and you will soon figure out how to pitch the different domes. One of the features with this marquee is that you can add as many domes you like and create exactly the marquee you want for any event. The marquee system is logical, and you can easily mount the various sidewalls and gutters, so you have tight fittings everywhere.

Marquee Multi-pavilion® – a modular concept for every size of event

Marquee Multi-pavilion® is based on a unique modular concept, which provides you with an extremely flexible dome marquee system. The various number of sections can make up the perfect setting for most parties and events. Thanks to the flexible and innovative modular concept, you can extend the dome marquee Multi-pavilion® infinitely. The elegantly curved doorways of the Multi-pavilion® are all the same size so you can add as many new modules or marquee units as you will. You simply connect the units at the openings. The dome marquee Multi-pavilion® is made in a professional quality so you can enjoy it for many years even when you use it professionally.

Marquee Multi-pavilion® – Danish Design and innovation

Our dome marquee Multi-pavilion® has been designed and developed in Denmark. Here there is a long and fine design tradition known as Danish Design. The concept is based on the idea of creating an elegant, flexible and functional setting for all kinds of special events both private and professional. It is easy to assemble and mount the marquee, and every single part of the marquee is high quality. Because you can combine the various modules almost infinitely, you can always construct the exact size of marquee you need. It is a simple yet innovative click-system, which makes it easy to assemble the dome marquee. The smaller modules can be mounted in just 30 minutes.