FleXtents Curtains

FleXtents Curtains for FleXtents PRO and FleXtents Xtreme

FleXtents pop-up gazebos from Partytent.com come in more than 1.600 combinations – including size, colours, and designs. One of the many possibilities for designing your own FleXtents is with the beautiful and elegant curtains that will make your FleXtents look even more stunning. The curtains come in sets of two so you can have curtains for your FleXtents PRO and Xtreme in all sizes. The curtains are only for effect and cannot be drawn but the elegant curtains will make your pop-up gazebo look both romantic and beautiful. The curtains are perfect for most romantic events such as weddings, but they will also look fantastic at a social gathering, a market fair or at many other events.

FleXtents Curtains for PRO and Xtreme will add that extra special touch

FleXtents pop-up gazebos are the no. 1 brand in Europe due to the unique and innovative design and functionality. The fact that you can set up your pop-up gazebo in just a few minutes makes the FleXtents beyond comparison. You can have an elegant pop-up gazebo in no time – and when you want to take the gazebo down, you can do so in just a few minutes too. Furthermore, the gazebo can be stored in a practical transportation bag that is included. Do you want to re-design or change your pop up gazebo further? Then you get to choose from a wide range of different accessories such as roof linings, sidewalls with and without various windows, roof covers, Safety Packs, ground bars, flooring, curtains, overhang, weight discs, sandbags and rain gutters and connectors if you want to combine two or more gazebos.

Curtains for your new or existing FleXtents pop-up gazebo

You can buy curtains together with your new FleXtents pop-up gazebo PRO or Xtreme – or you can order curtains for your existing FleXtents. Are you one of the thousands of FleXtents owners? Then at any time, you can order the curtains for your gazebo(s). This means, that you can enjoy the elegance and romantic look when you want to – and use your FleXtents as before if you do not want the extra decoration and ambience. When you do choose to mount the curtains - which is done easily and in no time – you can change the classic pop-up gazebo into a romantic setting for many a romantic event.