Marquee Accessories

Marquee accessories for securing and redesigning your marquee

Marquee accessories offer a large selection of accessories, which can be used for redesigning and securing your marquee. With our various accessories, you can change your marquee by replacing sidewalls with and without windows and much more. You can buy single parts for your marquee if something is ruined or lost. Marquee accessories also include safety products like storm pegs and storm straps, which you can use to secure your marquee so you can sleep at night even in case of bad weather.

Marquee accessories offers spare parts and more

Marquee accessories offer various parts for your marquee such as sidewalls, middle walls, end walls and entire roof covers. You can find and order new parts for your marquee if you have mislaid a sidewall, or another part of your marquee has been ruined – maybe during the last party! The various spare parts include a roof covers, sidewalls, middle walls, end walls, rain gutters and ground bar frames for increased stability. Do you feel a need to change your marquee? Buy a new sidewall with windows and let more light into the marquee – it is just one of the many options!

Marquee accessories offers an abundance of new options

Marquee accessories include so to speak all the visible parts of the marquee. Therefore, if you want to change or redesign your marquee - or replace a part of the cover - this is where you can find what you need. Do you, on the other hand, need spare parts for the frame of the marquee? These parts you can find by looking at the relevant marquee on the shop – scroll down and find ‘Purchase Spare Parts For’. Here you will find a list of all the relevant tubes and fittings. It is easy to use the Spare Part function, but do you have questions, our Marquee Experts are ready to help. Contact our Experts by phone, e-mail, or Chat.

Marquee accessories also include new parts

Marquee accessories are available so you can secure your marquee and enjoy your marquee for even longer. No matter which of the many marquees you choose, you may enjoy it for a long time, if you handle it with a bit of care when mounting, dismounting and storing it. When using a marquee, parts may disappear or be ruined for one reason or the other. If you are missing a part, you have a marquee that you cannot use for anything. To avoid this loss, offers various spare parts for you to enjoy your marquee to the fullest as long as possible.